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Bæredygtige Flytninger fra Mesterflyt

2 maj, 2024
Bæredygtige Flytninger fra Mesterflyt IGEN ER VI VALGT SOM SAMARBEJDSPARTNER TIL DET EUROPÆISKE MILJØAGENTUR Vi er henrykte over at kunne meddele, …

Mesterflyt Wins tender with focus on sustainability

December 5th, 2023
Mesterflyt wins tender with a focus on the environment At Mesterflyt, we are a leading player in the moving industry. That's why we are proud to announce...

Quality wins over price in Carlsro moving tender

July 14, 2023
Quality wins over price in Carlsro relocation tender We are thrilled to announce that Mesterflyt has won the tender for the relocation project in Carlsro...


13 February, 2023
MESTERFLYT WINS CONTRACT FOR BOLIGSELSKABET BIRKEBO It is with great pleasure that we can announce that we have won the tender for relocations for...


5 December, 2022
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY & HAPPY EMPLOYEES- The UN Sustainable Development Goals should not only be measured in CO2 Mesterflyt has been given sustainable ambitions and work...

Need cleaning after moving? Do not despair!

16 November, 2022
Need cleaning after moving? Don't despair! After a move, the need for cleaning can quickly arise. This brings with it dust and makes surfaces...

Move to-do list

9 November, 2022
Moving to-do list When you're facing a private move, there are a number of moving tips you can put on your to-do list...

How to choose a good moving company

2 November, 2022
How to choose a good moving company Have you decided to get help from a professional moving company for your move? Whether you're moving to a...


1 November, 2022
MESTERFLYT A/S STRENGTHENS THE ORGANIZATION Jan Stelmaszczyk has as of today, November 1, 2022, joined Mesterflyt A/S in the role of Project Manager....

Family with children and need to move?

12 October, 2022
A family with children and need to move? Moving house is already a big change and can be difficult both practically and emotionally. For a family with children...

Tips for an eco-friendly move

5 October, 2022
Tips for an eco-friendly move Whether you're moving for business or pleasure, it's in the best interest of the environment if you think about...

Should you hire a moving company? Then read on here

27 September, 2022
Hiring a moving company? Read on Moving can be a daunting task, whether you're moving your home or your business. That's why...

Moving tips for business relocation

21 September, 2022
Moving tips for business relocation Are you moving your office to new premises soon? There are several considerations that are good to think about before a business...

Planning to move abroad?

16 September, 2022
Planning to move abroad? If you and your business, family or even just your own company are planning to move abroad, you probably have...

Danish Furniture Transport Association

11 September, 2022
Danish Furniture Transport Association At Mesterflyt we are proud to announce that we have become members of the Danish Furniture Transport Association (DMF)....

Welcome to Camilla Damslund Jensen

1 September, 2022
New appointment at Mesterflyt A/S Camilla Damslund Jensen has as of September 1st taken on the role as Office Assistant at Mesterflyt A/S. Mesterfly...

Here are 10 tips for your next move

26 August, 2022
Here are 10 tips for your next move Moving can be a tedious and tedious process. There's a lot to keep track of and there's a...

Has your company found new premises? Then read here about our business relocation

26 August, 2022
Has your company found new premises? Read here about our business relocation services If your business is growing and you're on your way to a larger account,...

New Operations Manager to strengthen Mesterflyt's organisation

29 June, 2022
New Operations Manager to strengthen Mesterflyt's organization Welcome to Jannik Falk Hansen Jannik Falk Hansen has just been hired in a position as Operations...

LOOP Waste to Resources

2 May, 2022
LOOP Waste to Resources Lokomotivværkstedet provided the framework for the future On March 27 and 28, 2022, a circular economy trade fair was held...

Mesterflyt Expands the fleet

4 April, 2022
Mesterflyt A/S expands its fleet with two new Renault cars Mesterflyt A/S has added two new vehicles to its fleet. The cars are delivered by our long-standing...

Emergency Fuel Surcharge

29 March, 2022
Emergency Fuel Surcharge Unfortunate implementation of temporary fuel surcharge Dear valued customer The war in Ukraine is currently triggering con...

New Spedition & Shipping trainee

11 March, 2022
Welcome to Joachim Dharmapalan Bjørntoft! Joachim is our new Freight Forwarding & Shipping trainee.


3 March, 2022
Mesterflyt has undergone major growth in recent years, which is why the management and its board of directors have decided to transform the corporate form from ...

A board must move Mesterflyt's organization

22 February, 2022
As the order side grows, the organization must be able to keep up. In the coming years, a newly established board of directors will help the Holbæk moving company Mester...

Holbæk Business Forum – green growth strategy

22 January, 2022
Victor Helgogaard doesn't just want to move things. He also wants to push the boundaries of how sustainable a moving company can be. For Mesterflyt work...

Mesterflyt opens new branch in Greater Copenhagen

21 December, 2021
Mesterflyt, headquartered in Holbæk, Denmark, has experienced a large growth in their activities around the Copenhagen area, and the company has ...

Domicile relocation for Imotions

8 December, 2021
Domicile relocation for Imotions Imotions has been growing for some time and could no longer stay in their existing domicile. Therefore, they...

Mesterflyt assisted Odsherred Municipality

24 August, 2021
Can you move 200 jobs in a weekend without any downtime for employees?


6 July, 2021
Today, our employee Jonas Julin has been rewarded with an ISS apple. A recognition that only ISS employees have received in the past. This means a...

Wins contract for Boligforeningen AAB

15 May, 2021
The housing association AAB has made a decision to move its head office to a new domicile. In this connection, 3 selected companies were invited to ...

Wins tender for EEA moving services

May 2, 2021
The European Environment Agency is located in the heart of Copenhagen on Kongens Nytorv. They are in the process of a major change of le...

Expansion of the fleet

April 10, 2021
This time it's what's known as a "𝗸𝘂𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗯𝗶𝗹", which carries valuable art. That's why it's lined with felt all the way around the inside...

Enters into agreement with DAB on rehousing via won tender

2 March, 2021
Mesterflyt enters into agreement with DAB on rehousing via won tender Mesterflyt wins tender for rehousing case at DAB Boligselskab 📄 DAB Boligselskab...

Contract for merger of University College Absalon

21 February, 2021
University College Absalon has signed a contract with Mesterflyt in connection with a major merger of their locations and ongoing daily operations.