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We've put together some great tips for a successful moving process. The advice comes from experienced movers. You can click through the points below.

We've put together a handy checklist for a successful move. The advice comes from experienced movers. You can download our checklist here.

Packaging and labelling

It's a good idea to pack room by room. Make sure to label the boxes with the contents and the name of the room in the new home where the boxes will be placed. If possible, give each room in the new house a number - this will make the move go much more smoothly.

Electronics and white goods

If possible, always use the original packaging for electronic devices, computers and flat screens. Also, make sure to fill the boxes with newspaper, wrapping paper or blankets.

You can switch the washing machine on and off yourself, but remember to drain the excess water. Also, remember to secure the drum with transport brackets to avoid damage.

Service and fragile items

Packing tableware requires great care. Mesterflyt Use acid-free tissue paper to wrap your tableware to avoid subsequent dishwashing. Wrap silverware in tissue paper and wrap fragile items. Some items may be able to be wrapped with your bed linen. Stick large labels on the boxes (with CAUTION, GLASS) so that they stand out.

Heavy tableware (such as plates) should be placed at the bottom of the box. Plates, dishes, etc. should be wrapped with paper at the bottom of the box and around the items. Always place plates and dishes upright in the box. Place very fragile glasses (e.g. wine glasses) and bottles upright in the box.

It is recommended to let Mesterflyt pack the porcelain for a safe move.

Heavy stuff

It's not wise to place many heavy items together (e.g. books) in one box. Use the books as a base and place lighter items on top for replenishment. Books should be packed lying down, otherwise the spines are easily damaged. Don't make the boxes too heavy, it makes moving easier and reduces the chance of damage. If possible, pack the box right up to the edge to prevent the box from collapsing during transportation.

Borrow moving boxes from us.

Clothes and carpets

Clothes should also be packed in moving boxes, as this is easier for the mover to handle. Hanging clothes can be hung up in wardrobe boxes, which you can borrow from Mesterflyt, so they don't wrinkle.

Roll up carpets to avoid damage.

Curtains and lamps

Remove curtains from the rods and place them in boxes. Unplug lamps and place lampshades upright in the box. Take extra care when packing these items. If you have a prism lamp or other type of chandelier, it is recommended to have the movers pack it in special boxes made for this purpose.

Watches and paintings

Make sure to attach the pendulum to the case of the clock. Let Mesterflyt pack large watches (grandfather clocks), just as you should let Mesterflyt handle mirrors and paintings. This will give you the best protection during transportation.

Potted plants and groceries

Small potted plants are put together in a box, large potted plants are taken care of by Mesterflyt . Groceries, cleaning products, etc. should be packed in heavy-duty plastic bags before packing them in boxes.


Make sure you have keys, money and other valuables in your hand luggage. The same goes for jewelry and important papers, of course.

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