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We are partners with several large companies, where we move offices, help with relocation, warehouse relocation and other commercial moves

See our list of customer references below.

Our customer testimonials

Snow guard

"I would recommend Mesterflyt if you are a business looking for a smooth and seamless relocation process. Incredibly professional and always helpful"

Christoffer Gade | Owner

AGC Biologics

"Moving in, adjusting tables and cabling the KH7 went beyond expectations and it is a pleasure to work with Martin and Simon. Martin manages the troops well and I feel comfortable leaving tasks to him in the middle of our chaotic everyday life at AGC."

Kirsten Frøland | Work place manager

One Bar Group

"At One Bar Group, we use Mesterflyt to transport our bar setup for larger events. At all times of the day and night, we need the expertise of good people and trucks to get our equipment back and forth. Special thanks to our regular driver Morten and the other good people at Mesterflyt who always do a great job. The office is always flexible and solution-oriented towards our sometimes slightly odd projects, which always end up being solved."

Casper Lund | Owner

Boligselskabet DAB

"Main responsible for extensive relocation I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the people from MesterFlyt during an extensive relocation in the department I live in. MesterFlyt had, as far as I understand, had the main responsibility for this huge relocation we have been in, all the residents. MesterFlyt has used several partners to solve this enormous task, and fortunately chosen some companies where the employees were not sneaky / suspicious types or irresponsible, which is why it made the move with me super safe and comfortable! The employees from MesterFlyt were super competent, and I must admit that their attention to detail was far more important to them than to me, which meant, for example, that my TV finally got up and hanging where I originally wanted it to sit, and at the same time it sits COMPLETELY straight. When I put it up myself, it was a bit more by eye.......... :o) Super nice and very professional employees, with high professionalism and thoroughness! One thing I loved, for example, was their drill that vacuums itself. Now that was smart, so there wasn't a lot of plaster on the floor after the holes in the wall/ceiling. 😉 Thanks for the help!"

Niki Funch

Køge Municipality

"Mesterflyt lives up to its name; We had (again) some super fresh and talented people - thank you for that"

Rikke Steendahl