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Locations we move to and from

Moving can quickly become an overwhelming and time-consuming project. Moving boxes, clutter and space constraints are all things that are often unavoidable parts of a move. That's why Mesterflyt is ready to help you move anywhere in Denmark - on Zealand, Funen and Jutland. See our locations on the page here.

Safe and efficient moving throughout Denmark

Our head office and warehouse are located in Holbæk, but we are not limited to moving in Copenhagen or Zealand. At Mesterflyt we work across the whole of Denmark. Whether you want a moving company that can move from Randers to Aarhus or from Skagen to Køge, we are ready to help. 

There's no job too big, small, heavy or light for us. All we care about is getting your stuff there safely. We provide quality removals at competitive prices and most importantly, we always keep our agreements.

Here are the locations we move from and to:

Free moving boxes

Moving with your needs in focus

Moving is a matter of trust, and it is important that you feel safe throughout the process. That's why Mesterflyt offers moving services on Zealand, Funen and in Jutland. This way, you always have the opportunity to use the same and reliable moving company, no matter where you are moving from and to. 

Our moving services include everything from an ordinary move to a full-service move and everything in between throughout Denmark. When you move with Mesterflyt , we offer to handle everything from packing your home to storage and unpacking again. We place great emphasis on high-quality work, with punctuality, service and safety as our core values.

Want to know more about our private and commercial moving prices? Check out our great moving prices

Private and business relocation on Zealand, Funen and Jutland

Mesterflyt covers all types of removals throughout Denmark, both private and commercial. Maybe your company is planning to move its offices from Jutland to Funen, or maybe you need a moving company in Copenhagen that can help you a few postcodes further away. We have extensive experience with jobs of all sizes, both in private and commercial moving as well as long and short distance moving. Whatever your situation, we are your competent, experienced and friendly moving company throughout Denmark. 

Moving for business

While moving to a new office, space or location is exciting, packing up and packing down an entire office is a major project. That's why your business definitely needs a professional moving company. At Mesterflyt , we're practically masters at handling all the practical work, wherever you're moving from and to. Contact us today for a quote on your job! 

Get help with:

Moving to and from abroad

Mesterflyt covers all types of moving, both from Zealand to Jutland - but also to and from abroad. If you are planning a move to or from Denmark, Mesterflyt has an international department; MF Interlogistics. Here we service more than 600 moves annually from Danes living abroad and international customers from all over the world. If you are planning to move your business or private residence to or from abroad, you can read more about MF Interlogistics and our international work here.

Standard relocation

For a standard move, we'll pick up your boxes and furniture and move them to your new address. Our movers do all the lugging and transportation, and you do the rest.

Total solution

With this solution, all you need to do is leave us your key and we'll take care of everything - from packing clothes, dishes, furniture, items and belongings to transporting, unpacking and assembling furniture at the new address. If you want us to do the final cleaning, we'll take care of that too.

Moving company with a green vision

At Mesterflyt , we don't just move stuff. We want to push the boundaries of how sustainable a moving company can be. That's why we are focused on CSR and have a keen eye on the Sustainable Development Goals. 

To do this, we have developed a sustainability strategy with the aim of maintaining a strong environmental future for the world we live in. At the same time, we can help fulfill our customers' needs without compromising future generations. You can read more about our work with sustainability and achieving a greener future here.

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