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MOVER CLEANING - We can take care of your cleaning

Mesterflyt offers more than just a full overview and management of your move. We also offer to do a final cleaning once everything is packed up. 

Mesterflyt handles your move cleaning

Are you moving out of your apartment or house? Or is your company moving to new premises? If so, you probably have enough on your plate with moving boxes, coordination and a day-to-day life that still needs to be organized. A thorough final cleaning might not be at the top of your list of things you have the most energy and energy for.

That's why Mesterflyt offers to take care of the necessary final cleaning for you, ensuring that everything is cleaned and ready to go before handing over the keys.

A removal cleaning requires a lot more effort than a classic cleaning. With our extensive moving know-how - including moving cleaning - we know what it takes to get your property ready for handover. When you let professionals take care of your move, you'll have one less thing to worry about and a little more profit. We can always deliver when it comes to efficient and thorough cleaning. In addition, we are insured by Tryg.

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Moving company for relocation, final cleaning and move cleaning

Move cleaningafter your business move

Is your company moving to a new location? If so, you're probably facing a major project to pack up office supplies, IT, chairs and tables. Business relocation already requires logistics and scheduling of moving times to minimize disruption to working hours. On top of that, you'll probably also need to hand over the old premises clean and tidy.

At Mesterflyt , we offer to take care of both your business move and the final cleaning, so you leave your old office looking beautiful. Our professional and skilled team has many years of experience with both large and small commercial moves. And they're sure to make your move safe and easy. We do the final cleaning once everything is packed up and guarantee that your premises will be handed over clean. This way, you save time and don't have to worry about anything other than getting settled in your new surroundings.

Planning to vacate your apartment, house or room? We also do private removals and would be happy to provide the final end of tenancy cleaning here.

Save time and money by combining moving and cleaning with us

Moving can already be a large and time-consuming project, leaving little time and energy for the cleaning that follows. At Mesterflyt you have the opportunity to save time and money by combining your move with a moving cleaning service. This means that we will pack and move your belongings safely and stably, and carry out the subsequent cleaning to the letter.

We always make sure to accommodate any cleaning requirements and go the extra mile to give you a great result. Our professional cleaning team performs final cleaning at affordable prices when it's done in conjunction with your move. Our moving cleaning services are available for both commercial and private moves. 

We carry out removals and move cleaning across Denmark - on Zealand, Funen and throughout Jutland. If you need a competent moving company to take care of your move cleaning - and moving - you can take a look at the locations we move from and to.

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