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Movers in the office

Welcome to the Mesterflyt Donation Network

We're excited to introduce our newly created Donation Network - a platform that connects businesses and surplus inventory with those who really need it.


How does it work?

Businesses can easily join our network by filling out our contact form. When we receive furniture that our business customers no longer need and that is still in good condition, we register it in our inventory. We then send an email to the registered companies that match this furniture so they can benefit from it.

If you no longer need the service, you can easily unsubscribe by sending an email to us at 

Free and sustainable

It's completely free to join our Donation Network - both for companies who want to donate furniture and for those who need the furniture.

We believe in circular economy and sustainable reuse. The furniture that gets a new lease of life through our network comes from companies that want to contribute to a better future.

Office relocation for all kinds of businesses
Moving company moves heavy items

Give and receive help

We pass on the furniture we receive to companies, associations, institutions, and non-profit organizations that need a helping hand.

We want to ease the burden on those who can benefit from this surplus furniture, while promoting a sustainable community.

Be a part of creating positive change. Join our Donation Network today by filling out the contact form below.

Together we make a difference and create a more sustainable future.

Join the Donation Network

Be a part of making a difference. Fill out the contact form and sign up for our newsletter, you will receive an email when there is relevant information about your demand.

*Non-profit organizations will be charged a handling fee of min. 2500,- DKK when using the donation network.

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