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Complete relocation with 360 degree relocation

360 degree relocation - Mesterflyt 360°

At Mesterflyt , we have developed a concept to make it easier and cheaper for you as a customer. Here, you as a company have the opportunity to help with your business relocation from start to finish. We have the opportunity to tailor a solution that suits your specific needs. We call this concept Mesterflyt 360°.

We coordinate for you

Mesterflyt is your one point of contact for 360-degree business relocation. We coordinate the efforts across the move and assist with everything from consulting, planning, budget calculations, inventory registration, marking plans with personalized pre-printed labels, IT connection and disconnection, packing, unpacking and of course the physical move itself. This means you spend less time talking to different suppliers who then have to coordinate with each other. As a result, you save money and the whole process runs more smoothly without the risk of miscommunication among many different parties.

Consulting & relocation planning

Business relocations are time-consuming, complex and almost always end up being significantly more expensive than expected. At least if you just set up a moving team to take care of everything. A move often interferes with your daily life, where you're probably busy with production, customers or something else that requires focus and dedication.

It can be difficult to maintain momentum with your head down in a moving box. That's why Mesterflyt has developed a concept that offers you planning, coordination and execution of your business move without you having to throw everything you have in your hands to move.

Get a complete move with 360 degree moving
Inventory tracking with 360-degree solution

Inventory registration

With 360 degree moving, we can help you get an overview of your total inventory before we start your business move. The overview can be used as a basis for further planning. As an output, you will receive a complete catalog of your inventory, which can be used in relation to your fixed asset register, future interior design, supplementary purchases, inventory management, sale of surplus furniture to third parties, etc.

Marking plan

Mesterflyt offers to assist with the entire logistical planning of your business relocation. The marking plan is an important part of this. All inventory items are labeled with logistics codes that correspond to the logistics on the layout plan. All labels are pre-printed, color-coded and cross-checked with the seating plan and moving lists.

IT cabling & packing & unpacking

In a corporate relocation, the handling of IT equipment is typically the biggest time and resource hog. When employees manage their IT workplace themselves, it typically takes longer to get back in place. In addition to employee time, your internal IT department will also spend a disproportionate amount of time on firefighting, practical questions and on-site remediation of various issues. Furthermore, you should be aware that the frequency of damage to IT equipment increases as soon as the employees themselves start packing up.

In other words, you'll be stuck with the bill. For the same reasons, we have chosen to integrate IT management as part of Mesterflyt ́s moving concept. When we start a business move, we pack and secure the IT equipment so it's ready for transportation. Once you have arrived at your new office, we set up all the equipment as agreed. We then test the power and network and make sure to report any deviations to the IT department. The cabling itself is carried out according to all the rules of the art. This way, your employees arrive to a functioning workplace and your IT department doesn't risk being down for days.

Cabling service and annotation-free APV

Cabling is a major challenge in many offices. Cables hang in curtains from desks and lie in bundles on the floor. In addition to a slightly untidy appearance, loose hanging and/or loose wires pose a risk - both in terms of the working environment, but also from an operational point of view. Furthermore, unruly cables make cleaning work around workplaces more difficult. At Mesterflyt we offer a cabling service that ensures a presentable office environment, higher safety and, in this context, a remark-free WPA.

To reduce the time spent by employees during business relocations, Mesterflyt offers to take care of the packing and unpacking of employees' shelf contents. The unpacking is done with a focus on safety, so that the unpacking of the shelf contents can be done precisely according to the employee's instructions. This way, employees can arrive at their new workstation after the move and find their belongings in the right place without ever having seen a moving box.

360 degree physical movement

When you use Mesterflyt to manage your 360-degree corporate relocation, the moving team arrives on the day of the move with the necessary vehicles and transportation equipment. The moving foreman has an overview beforehand and immediately instructs the moving team on the task. In the time that follows, your inventory is carefully and efficiently moved into the moving vans, which transport the contents to the new location. Here, the furniture is set up exactly as planned by our skilled moving team. Everything is reviewed and quality assured before delivery and departure from the job.

Among other things, we can help with:

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360 degree moving company with extensive experience

Mesterflyt has extensive experience in commercial relocations of all sizes. Whether you're moving to something bigger, smaller or something completely different, we're happy to help your company and office get settled in. At Mesterflyt we are also a member of the Danish Furniture Transport Association.

We are headquartered in Holbæk and provide commercial relocation services throughout Copenhagen and the surrounding area. In addition, we are not limited to business relocation on Zealand. We move companies across the entire country - on Zealand, Funen and Jutland. If you need a competent moving company to handle your upcoming move, you can take a look at the locations we move from and to.

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