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Are you facing a major or minor move and therefore in need of a competent moving company in Aarhus? Mesterflyt is ready to perform a masterful move! 

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Mesterflyt will be your preferred mover in Aarhus

"Home to Aarhus... uh ah, home to you and Aarhus... uh oh". That was the chorus of the 1986 Danish smash hit "Hjem til Aarhus" (Home to Aarhus). It's not just the eighties hit that has made the city of smiles popular. Aarhus is booming today more than ever, and the city is now the city in Denmark with the highest increase in newcomers. Perhaps it's because Aarhus has been named one of the most livable cities in Europe. The city attracts students as well as families with children and the type of relocation varies. More and more people are deciding to move home to Aarhus. If you have made the decision to move to the city of smiles, Mesterflyt is ready to help you. Our moving company in Aarhus wants to make moving day as full of smiles as the city itself. Whether you are moving from another city or already live in Aarhus, Mesterflyt has the right service for you.

Plus, you're covered by our moving insurance with Tryg


More than just a move from A to B

We understand that a move is more than just a convenient jolt from one place to another. It's the start of a new chapter. That's why at our moving company in Aarhus, we want to help you get off to the best possible start. A good start in your new home starts with a good move. We know that people are different, which is also reflected in their different moving needs.

We offer two different moving packages at great prices, which you can choose from when selecting us for your next move. In addition, we offer a host of additional services that can make your move even easier and much more worry-free. 

Read more about our different moving solutions below.

You pack, we move

In our first moving package, you get a full-service, all-inclusive solution. This package is for those who dream of not having to lift a finger, with this package. the dream can become a reality. So if you're the type of person who would rather invest in packing help than let the stress get to you, and you're better at telling people where to put the cupboard than lifting it yourself. Then you can take advantage of our we pack, we movepackage. Our movers will pack all your belongings, transport them to your new address and, of course, unpack everything for you. All you need to do is unlock the door for us and tell us where to put your things, and we'll take care of the rest.

You pack, we move

In our second package, you get a more classic move as you know it best. With the traditional moving service, you'll receive boxes and other packing equipment so you can decide how and when to pack your belongings. We then take care of moving all your belongings to your new home. That's what we call teamwork. So if you're a little skeptical about the idea of someone else packing your heirlooms and prized possessions, and you'd rather pack everything at your own pace. Then our in packing, we're moving-offer is perfect for you.

In addition to our standard moving packages, we offer additional value-added services, so if your moving dreams are not yet fully realized, we're sure we can find an add-on service that fits your needs perfectly, so you get the move of your dreams.  

Guide to optimal moving days in Aarhus

It's important to us that your move goes as smoothly as possible, so you can get settled in your new home quickly and easily. That's why at Mesterflyt we always have an overview of which days can be particularly difficult to move on, so that both you and we can avoid them as much as possible. There are several events or celebrations throughout the year where it can be difficult to get from A to B with a moving van in the city due to crowds or long queues and busy streets. This could be for example at Aarhus Pride or Aarhus Festuge, where the streets are busy and blocked off in several places around the city. 

At Mesterflyt , we keep track of important dates for various events that make it difficult to move, and we make sure we have an overview of which days to avoid moving on. 

We handle private but also commercial removals in Aarhus

Is your company moving? Our moving company in Aarhus, Denmark, masters business relocations as well as private moves. We have years of experience with corporate relocations and are ready to help no matter the size of your business. Depending on the size and type of business, we can offer IT connectivity, storage of belongings in our storage facility in Holbæk, as well as international removals. Whether your business is growing and you need to move into a large shared office space, or you've found something smaller and more economical. Mesterflyt will help you get back to everyday life quickly.

Read more about our business relocation services in Aarhus.

Handyman service

Our handyman service is for those who are brave enough to put their pride aside and ask for help with furniture disassembly and assembly. At Mesterflyt , IKEA manuals are our bible and DIY is in our DNA. We'll help you disassemble or reassemble any piece of furniture if you just tell us where to put it.

But it doesn't stop there, we can also help you with final cleaning, so you don't have to carry a broom and bucket yourself, but you are still guaranteed that your old home will be spotless before the new owner takes over - it couldn't be easier. 

Whichever service you choose, you can also borrow boxes from us for free for up to 14 days. 

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