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29 June, 2022

Welcome to Jannik Falk Hansen

Jannik Falk Hansen has just been hired as Operations Manager at Mesterflyt, where he will play a key role in ensuring the daily operation and planning of the tasks we solve for our customers. Jannik will be part of our operations team, which is led by René Hauge, who in the future will deal with heavier operational tasks and quality assurance of the work we do.

The team's work will help ensure that Mesterflyt becomes an even higher quality and stronger organization for the benefit of our customers.

Jannik Falk Hansen comes from a senior operations position at the moving company ADAM, where he has been responsible for daily operations for the past 10 years.

It is therefore a very competent and strong profile that we get on board and a big win for Mesterflyt that we have succeeded in recruiting Jannik.

Jannik Falk Hansen will start working at Mesterflyt on July 1, 2022.

Bookings must still be made at or by phone.

Contact details

Jannik Falk Hansen


Tel: 54587900